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Who We Are

When the idea to form a company perceived in our mind the inevitable thought occupied our mind, to think of a nice name. During our brainstorming sessions, one thing was very obvious and unanimous, to come up with a company that shows its close associations with our Mother Nature or Earth.

Mother Nature has her lessons for all of us. The same goes for the design world as well. Starting from colors, texture, balance, and consistency- designers take inspiration from nature. If you observe carefully, everything in nature is balanced with symmetry and beauty. She is the most simple yet complex designer we know. Needless to say, we can learn crucial design lessons from nature.

Nature always inspires us to stay on track while being different and unique. As a designer, you should focus on the ethos or values instead of the products or services.

When we talk about contrast, Mother Nature is a perfect example of it. The contrast in colors, shapes, graphical elements, sizes, and placing of each element can be rather eye-catching. Collecting those colors, shapes, sizes, and textures of nature and converting them into various elements is far more interesting. We are always striving for novelty and sustainability. Our nature can never run out of designs. Everything is in abundance, we just need to pick and choose. Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In terms of ecology, we know how biological systems stay varied and useful over time. A good design should fulfill the current needs as well as retain a presence and adapt to the future. It should be built in a way that makes it adaptable to change. It’s all part of biomimicry, an attempt to mold technology on nature.

Earthful Expression, the name, and the company, hence came into existence. The products on display on this website are our way to thank this beautiful Blue Planet Earth not only for inspiring us in so many ways but for giving us everything in abundance and for leasing out some space to make ourselves so comfortable.


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